At Elite, we can now offer our clients the option to offset every candidate placement. We want to encourage brands to take responsibility for their own carbon footprint and to ensure that each role we fill is carbon-free. By helping companies rebalance the individual environmental footprint of each member of the team, we are hopeful to lead the way by example, to help minimise negative environmental effects on our planet.


The safety of the planet we live in is of utmost importance to us and at Elite, we strive to be 100% non-pollutant.



Carbon Neutral Projects:


Here are a few examples that make up the vast array of carbon offset projects we support, including; Tree planting in Mexico, Rimba Raya biodiversity reserve in Borneo and Plastic waste reduction in Indonesia. The grassroots projects we partner with showcase a range of highly impactful and verified climate solutions. Most importantly, these projects are proven to work in harmony with local ecosystems and communities.


Our aim is to inspire our valued clients and partners to take measurable action in combatting climate change.


We look forward to a greener future.