How can a spray can and a wall create a luxury product? Only one person on the planet can answer that question yet nobody actually knows who he is. The Bristol based artist known as Banksy began his fame on the streets of Shoreditch as satirical and anti-authoritarian artist rebelling against social stereotypes. This was cleverly pieced together with stencils and a spray can, allowing him to avoid detection and create an image of deception at every turn. Banksy's own words sum up his thought process "...commercial success is a mark of failure for a graffiti artist".

As far as Banksy is concerned most of his work is done for free and is only valuable when removed from its place of origin. With this in mind and with the power of the internet allowing him to publish his work for free, Banksy set out across the waters landing in New York City and stated that "It Is Better Out Than In". This exhibition would showcase Banksy's work across New York City with a different piece released each day.

His first piece of the exhibition was of two boys stealing a spray can from a "GRAFFITI IS A CRIME" sign. His true exhibition was on the internet allowing all to see what was shortly afterwards destroyed. Banksy's success has been incredible over the last 13 years and what started out on the streets of Bristol has gone on to create one of the UK's leading and most collectible artists of this generation. Works have sold in excess £1,000,000 and are purchased by some of the most notable world art collectors. So are these works of mainstream art or a luxury product to be hung on the wall? That's something for you to decide.