We all know her. We’ve all stared longingly and somewhat in disbelief as she gracefully glides past; decked in that Tom Ford number we mere mortals won’t stand a chance of getting our hands on till SS18. Elegant, sublime, and never under-dressed, the Ultimate Fashionista both enriches our lives and fuels our covetousness. We all know one, and as the festive season approaches there is the annual dread – how do you impress the woman who has everything? What do you get the Ultimate Fashionista for Christmas?


  1. Dinner with Anna, Karl, Carine, Andre and Grace.

If she’s not already rubbing shoulders with the highest of the high, give her the gift that money can’t buy. Diamonds are forever but this is a memory that will never fade.


  1. A perfectly primped poodle to match her style.

Glamour is not dead, and dogs are not just for Christmas. But why not spread joy for a lifetime with the ultimate upper-east side accessory in a perfect pastel hue.


  1. Man Ray Chess Set    

Feed her mind, not just her wardrobe, with this elegant piece of design from American visual artist Man Ray – pioneer of the surrealist movement.

Available from The MoMA store.


  1. A Book-Clutch by Olympia Le-Tan.

With only a few made in each design, so she can maintain her exclusive edge, be sure to discover her favourite literature so she can have it with her wherever she goes.


  1. Made to Measure with Christian Louboutin.

Pack your bags and take a trip (or two, or three) to the city of lights for your appointment at Louboutin’s Atelier. Handcrafted shoes, sculpted to your exact measurements.


  1. Update her abode with Harrods Interiors: Bespoke Design

Appointment booked, whisk her up to the third floor where she and her designer can customise everything from the marble sculptures in the garden to the kitchen sink…


  1. Place your bid at Christie’s for the rarest of time pieces.

Take advantage of Christie’s expertise, and work one-on-one with their specialists to source the perfect time piece for that elegant wrist.


  1. A week away abroad The Eclipse.

When the land has nothing more to offer, take to the sea. Longer than two football pitches, for a mere $1.5 million a week, 7 days may not be long enough to explore the ship let alone the ocean.


  1. Let her put her best 24k foot forward.

Since she already has all the latest sneakers from Gucci to Chanel, why not up her footwear game one step further with these 24k gold laces from Mr. Kennedy. Delivered by security and laced for you anywhere in the world.


     10.The Gift of Giving.

You can buy her all the jewels and finery money can buy, but nothing compares to the feeling you get when you give something back. Striking and elegant with a wardrobe bursting at the seams, and charity would be delighted to receive a cheque signed on behalf of The Ultimate Fashionista.


What will you be getting yours this festive season?