Though its origins can certainly be traced back to19th Century England, nothing screams New York more than a classic Sunday brunch with friends or family. From boozy and bold renditions to classic family fare, Elite has complied a selection of its go to Manhattan hotspots for our favourite portmanteau of a meal. 



If ever there was a classic for New York City Brunch, it would have to be Sarabeth’s. Originally launched in 1981 on the Upper West Side as an Urban satellite of High-Brow Conneticut-style farm favourites, this NYC institution quickly spread its sphere of influence across the Upper East Side, Mid-town, and more recently in NoMad. Sarabeth’s brunch and breakfast menu features our favourites such as pumpkin muffins, Farmer’s leek and potato omelettes, succulent chicken sausages, and their now famous preserves. 381 Park Ave South +1 212-335-0093


Jack’s Wife Freda

Anyone that has visited Israel knows that a staple dish of the Middle East is Shakshouka, a simple but flavoursome concoction of fresh eggs poached in a spicy pepper and tomato sauce. Down in Nolita’s Jack’s Wife Freda café, Maya Jankelowitz and her South African husband Dean offer up their version of this iconic dish made with chilli and cumin spiked green tomato colis and served with toasted to perfection Challah bread. To compliment this Jewish inspired brunch, throw back a few refreshing Cantaloupe mimosas, saving room for their famous rosewater waffles. 224 Lafayette



For some, Brunch isn’t brunch without a rich, corn enriched Heuvos Rancehros and a massive pitcher of Sangria or Margaritas. So when it comes to authentic Mexican cuisine, New Yorkers are now heading down to the West Village to Agave for a bouquet of traditional flavours, peppered with a relaxed yet sophisticated atmosphere. For brunch, select from classics like Breakfast Burritos made with perfectly scrambled eggs, chicken, and chorizo, Corn Crusted Calamari Cracklins, or for lighter fare try the Santa Fe Cesar Salad. 7TH AVENUE SOUTH BETWEEN CHARLES ST 212-989-2100


Jacob’s Pickles

But if it is Southern American comfort food that will set your weekend off to the right start, then Jacob’s Pickles is the place. Regarded as the ultimate destination for a Bloody Mary, this back-to-basics Upper West Side gastro experience has taken the spicy and boozy brunch basic to a new level, serving the luscious libation in a rustic mason jar garnished with a hardboiled egg, plenty of spices, and an unexpected slice of crispy bacon. After downing a few of these post-party pickups, hanker down on one of their fluffy buttermilk egg and cheese biscuits. 509 Amsterdam Ave 212 470 5566