Well the results are in! This summer The Elite Retail Training Academy conducted its first annual Luxury Matrix Poll to determine our snapshot vision of "What is Luxury?". There were many classic luxury go-to’s and a few quirky surprises along the way. What this diversity proves however, is that luxury is truly in the eye of the beholder and that it was surely these variant perspectives of luxury that lead our famous Coco Chanel to pen her famous quote that " Luxury is a necessity where necessity ends..." Here the top 10 highlights including our hottest of hotels and our tastiest of tipples.

Clockwise from Left: Top Read: Vogue, Skincare Crème de la Mer, Libation: Champagne, Hotel: The Ritz London, Timepiece: Rolex, Brand: Chanel, Restaurant: Nobu, Car: Bentley, Neighbourhood: Chelsea, Pet: Thoroughbred Horses