There are few entrepreneurs that really get it, that understand not only the desires of the market, but literally know how to transport their clientele in to an ultra-world; a world which is often a clever blend of fact and fiction. Ralph Lauren is the primordial example of a designer that understands lifestyle marketing. In fact, he invented it. Starting in 1969 with his eponymous men’s and women’s ready-to-wear collection and later expanding to children’s collections, furniture, fine watches and a fanfare of luxury accessories. Yet there is one domaine that Mr. Lauren tapped early on in his career to somewhat seal his version lifestyle branding and client experience delivery and that was the world of gastronomy. The brand’s first restaurant was opened in 1999 in the windy city of Chicago, catering to banker-stripe clad, power-lunch crowd. The restaurant quickly became known not only for its excellent cuisine, but its authentic 1930’s style charm.


Capitalising on the success of his career as a restauranteur, Mr. Lauren then made a bold move by opening another restaurant in the heart of the capital of French gastronomy. The bar, restaurant, and outdoor dining terrace became an immediate hit, even with the most skeptical of Parisian clients. Yet loyal New Yorkers had to wait till 2015 to be able to take a bite out of the Ralph Lauren hamburger chic.

Located in the brand’s latest Polo boutique on Fifth Avenue and serviced by a discrete side entrance on 55th Street, The Polo Lounge is the nec plus ultra of preppy, WASP’y dinning, replete with plenty of polished brass, rich hardwoods, butter soft caramel leather, and enough equestrian references to completely engulf its exclusive guests into a three dimensional Ralph Lauren advertisement.

The menu is a classic Ralph offering of well crafted american standards including Grilled Lobster Salad, New York Strip Steak, and their featured Polo Bar Burger as well as their special deep fried green olives.



1 E. 55TH STREET NYC 212.207.8562