When stuck in the midst of the cold winter winds, it's only natural that our need for vitamin D draws our social media eye to tropical destinations as a way to escape and to dream. We have our eyes on a certain somewhere that cannot help but inspire fantasy...

Located 220 miles off Brazil's north-eastern coast, Fernando de Noronha is an idyllic and lesser-known retreat of South America on which visitor numbers are heavily restricted. The exclusivity of this place has meant great effort has been put into preserving the natural beauty and ecosystem of this UNESCO World Heritage Site. Part-time nature reserve and part-time luxury getaway, the collection of islands is additionally a fabulous destination for history lovers; the disputed facts around its discovery, its brief period of Dutch settlement and use as a political prison, Fernando de Noronha has much to explore.  

Of course, it is the beaches which make Fernando de Noronha a desired luxury destination. With over twenty beaches dotted around and a controlled number of tourists, each is guaranteed to grant privacy and tranquillity. Scuba diving, cruise tours and wildlife spotting are all popular activities available on the archipelago’s coastline. Baia do Sancho and Cacimba do Padre are just two of the best; we personally recommend the bays from where you can see Fernando de Noronha’s beautiful volcanic rock formations.

Because of its exclusive reputation, Fernando de Noronha offers, of course, the best accommodation. Each hotel has available a prestigious selection of private bungalows that provide unique views of the landscape. The Pousada Maravilha takes exclusivity to a new level; with just eight bungalows, this hotel offers its guests comfort, beauty, romance and privacy on the perimeter of a stunning beach. Whereas this pousada excels in privacy and quiet, the Pousada ze Maria is known to be a hub of activity. Although far from rowdy, the pousada­ only has twenty bungalows after all, the hotel has a greater selection of bars and restaurants for guests who enjoy socialising during their trips.

With more attention being put on the preservation of our planet and the development of eco-luxe, Fernando de Noronha is proof that small islands do not need to be invaded by mass-tourism in order to sustain the hospitality industry.