Do you have a resolution to expand your mind and immerse yourself in more culture this year? In 2018, an array of places will host significant events that will appeal to those with a thirst for knowledge. We have selected five of these, be they exhibitions or conferences, which cover art, fashion and business. 


For many centuries, Catholicism dominated European art and architecture. The most famous buildings and paintings in the world have been direct creations from the artist's relationship with religion; be it Notre-Dame de Paris or Michelangelo's The Last Judgment. With examples such as these and their visceral recognisability, it's of no surprise that fashion has drawn influence from Catholic spirituality as well. In partnership with Versace, the Met will host a catalogue of never-before-seen papal costume and garments of which it inspired. To introduce the exhibition, this year's Met Gala will also certainly be one of great beauty and controversy appropriate for the rich subject matter it is promoting. 


Also hosted in New York, the Sustainable Business and Design Conference is definitely for those invested in the future of garment technology and its relationship with the environment. For one day only, the conference will gather together industry experts in an attempt to 'inform, involve and inspire' the community and future generation of business leaders.


For the first time ever outside Mexico, a collection of artefacts and clothing belonging to the legendary artist will be put on public display. Locked up for 50 years after Frida Kahlo's death, these items give a unique and intimate opportunity to glimpse inside the life of the woman whose life remains burned into the legacy of Latin American culture. 


Paris has a unique ability to evoke escapism and fantasy. Being in this city is sure to trigger a desire to leave reality; this is why Ghosts and Hells is a fascinating exhibition. Whether you are spiritual or not, Ghosts and Hells offers Western audiences an opportunity to uncover the complexities of Asian mysticism and Asian cultures' relationship with the underworld. The exhibition will lead visitors through art, theatre, cinema and even manga in its exploration of a dark but alluring world.


A showcase of premium Arabian fashion, the 13th Heya Arabian Fashion Exhibition is hosted by Qatar and features Middle-Eastern modest-wear such as abayas, jalabiyas, and gowns created by an offering of regional designers. This is a fantastic way for tourists and locals alike to know more about the rising success of Arab fashion and its influence on the industry.