The colder season of winter in London can often take a toll on our social life; the chances of enjoying a drink outside are dramatically reduced. The darker sky grates at energy levels and reduces our motivation, especially after a long day’s work. Therefore, we relish the opportunity to see our friends and family in an environment which is not only comfortable, but also a worthy distraction from the not-so-exciting climate of the outside world.

We’ve curated a list of not only the best bars of what London has to offer, but also added our cocktail recommendation for this cool holiday season. This time is for fantasy and escapism, and we hope that this list will whet the appetite for a luxurious treat.


Apres Ski served at Connaught Bar, The Connaught

The Apres Ski mimics the freshness of mountainous air by combining herbal aromatic water, Bols Geneva, Branca Menta, eucalyptus syrup and lilliput berries.


Forged by Flames served at Artesian Bar, The Langham

As its name suggests, Forged by Flames has body and spice thanks to its combination of Martell Cordon Bleu, quinquina wine, chinato, verjus, bitters and grape blossom.


Kyoto, Japan served at Blind Spot, St Martins Lane

Characterised as ‘Rich, Silky, Boozy’ on the worldly-themed menu, Kyoto mixes nikka whisky with blackcurrant liquor, rose water, almond syrup, yuzu juice and wasabi. 


The 14th Guest served at Beaufort Bar, The Savoy

The 14th Guest, a romantic member of the Beaufort Bar’s beautiful Tunnel Book cocktail menu, is made with gin, mirin, plum and black pearl.


Bee Pollen Crusta served at The Fumoir Bar, Claridge’s

An eccentric cocktail with Konik’s Tail vodka, fresh mandarin, Rooibos Infused Vermouth, chestnut honey and citrus, the Bee Pollen Crusta can be enjoyed at the outrageously chic Fumoir Bar at Claridge’s.