At Elite we pride ourselves on not only our fashion and recruitment awareness, but by our inordinate and sometimes infinite knowledge of the latest diets and detoxes, cleanses and crazes. But every once and awhile a shining star will shimmy to the top of the list. Our latest discovery, Purearth, have concocted raw, organic, cold-pressed and ultra-fresh juice cleanse programmes that are not only delivered to your door, but also promise to get you healthy and happy harmoniously. Packed with super boosting green juices which work to alkalise the body increasing its ability to eliminate toxins quickly and safely, their 5 Day starter cleanse helps clear away toxins and shed unwanted pounds. Both the pre and post cleanse Vitality Programmes consist of nutritious smoothies, juices, nut mylks and kefir which are packed with superfoods and health boosting enzymes. For more complex health issues, Purearth offers bespoke juices which have been cleverly spiked with herbal elixirs and tinctures to aid vitality, fertility, and a host of other personal care dilemmas.