Often the roots of luxury find themselves in an artisan’s passion for history, tradition, or craftsmanship, being exemplified in the traditional luxury sectors like Haute Couture, Fine Jewellery, or Watchmaking. For Vickers Bicycles, it is exactly the high-octane passion for cycling of its founder Ian Covey which has fuelled the creation of a truly authentic British luxury brand offering hand-crafted British steel framed city bikes.


With all bicycles manufactured by hand in Coventry, Vickers Bicycles draws their inspiration from historically traditional roadster bicycles, but have layered in sleekly designed components and aesthetics to make a remarkably modern, but classic two wheeler. Though some parts are sourced internationally, the steel frametubes are precisely cut & mitred and joints delicately heated and brazed by skilled craftsman, not machines, with assembly and finishing a proper British affair.


“As you step from your front door, for the morning commute to the office, you already have with you the essentials pieces that define today’s business man: the bespoke suit, the handmade leather shoes, and the precision-engineered watch…All that was missing now is a city bike that does the same – which is where our Roadster comes in,” states Covey.