Get to know Elite a little better. In our new series, we'll be speaking with the head of each of Elite's 9 divisions to give you a better insight into the workings of our company and the breadth of roles and areas we work across. They'll also be full of helpful snippets of advice for those of you job seeking. This month we spoke with Kim, our head of Head Office, a growing division spanning a huge selection of positions. 


Can you give a brief description of your role?

I am Head of Department for the Head Office Division.  Within my role, I run a team of experienced consultants specialising in Business support, HR, Buying & Merchandising, Finance, Wholesale, Design, Tech & Production to name a few.


What is your divisional focus? 

The division is focused on placing experienced candidates into retail head office functions.  The team has a combined experience of 20 years across our specialisms, consistently focusing specifically on the retail market.  We focus on all areas of retail & hospitality & leisure.


What are employers looking for in a candidate?

As you can imagine, each area has its own specifics, however, some key things that remain consistent regardless are the following:

Commitment – They like to see you are able to remain committed, regardless of level this is something all clients look for, that could be remaining committed to further education, a hobby, or for the more experienced candidates the length of service within a business.

Achievements – Clients don’t want to see your job specification, they want to see where you have made a difference, the impact you have had, and what makes you different.  Make sure you have strong answers prepared that show your capability but also your personality.

Passion - Know your industry, research it and ensure you can talk about the brand you are meeting with passion, talk about the competitors, trends on the market, who is doing well, who isn’t!


What would be your main piece of advice for a candidate looking for a head office role?

Ensure you are passionate, committed and stand out from the crowd.  It’s a tough industry and a competitive market.  You have to really want it to be successful.   Research the roles properly, make sure its something you want for the long term.  Time and time again we see candidates who want to a ‘fashion buyer’ or a ‘fashion designer’ because they think it’s all glitz and glamour.  Retail is an amazing industry to be involved in, but it is far from glamorous, it is hard work!!!  You will work long hours, and won't instantly see the return, however, if you are prepared to put in the time, you can carve an incredible career for yourself.