For those of you familiar with Elite, you'll be aware of the continued support for The Prince's Trust. An inspiring charity dedicated to improving young people's lives and helping them gain the skills necessary to enter the workforce, or even start their own businesses, so they have a chance at a better future.

With 40 years experience under their belt, they are a shining example of how one can give back to the community. From the services they provide to those young people in need to the ways in which one can donate to their cause, the latter of which being the focus here. The Trust run a series of challenges, expeditions or trips (whichever you prefer to call them) throughout the year as a means to generate publicity and contributions to the fantastic work that they do. Last year, Elite CEO Grant Morris took part in a hike to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania as a means of fundraising, and this is something that the charity offer twice a year to willing individuals.

The next expedition to take place is a trek across the Sahara Desert in Morocco, the aims of the trip:

  • Trek 100km over 10 days past fossils, sand dunes and oases 
  • Visit Ouarzazate, gateway to the Sahara
  • Soak up the souks in bustling Marrakech  
  • Raise money to help change the lives of the UK's most disadvantaged young people

Although not all of us are in a position to take part in such a once in a lifetime experience, there may well be someone you know that would be up for the challenge and delighted to help this cause. For more information visit the Prince's Trust website. There is also further information on the work that the Trust are involved in and other ways you can be involved that don't involve a trip to the largest hot desert in the world.